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Oh, I really want to know what you mean by "sissy maid". It means the man understands how to help keep a household tidy.

Do you mean what do women think of a man who picks up after himself? Do you mean what do women think of stay-at-home men?

I hope this thread develops as well as the one we had about the guy posting his private pics to 6 women at once... Personally I love to paint a man's nails and toenails with lurid colours while he sleeps - I don't know about dominance - but it sure is satisfying..... Give me a big, strong man anytime over a smaller framed man. I am pretty much the type who likes to call the shots with anything that I am involved in. Sex happens for me when I want it, how I want it, and where I want it for the most part..I don't do it. It seems like I've accomplished so much more by turning a big strong guy into a submissive!!! got to go to the bathroom a sec, have to compose myself.personally i don't feel that dominance should be a factor in the bedroom unless your partner is really opposed to it.men enjoy that..others don'me,it's a give and take thing..sometimes i like to be dominated..sometimes i dominate..guess it depends on the mood and what each other wants at that moment..i'll tell you it does add a lot of variety and spice to love making.it's never the same old same old day in and day out.i think in this way each one will have something to offer that the other one may never have thought of before.

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Do you mean what do women think of men who work as maids? My man also does all the cooking and cleaning in the house, since he is home to do so. You get Cleopatra, Havana, Grace and Kyoto, plus a matchbook ( at Tocca on Mercer Street and Barneys).If he’s more the Chinese marigold-Egyptian chamomile type, try Red Flower’s six mini-candles plus match book ( each, or per six-pack at Bigelow Pharmacy, 414 Sixth Avenue).Well then, some women kinda love that the man is bringing home a paycheck. Scrambling to snag a bloke–any bloke–before Labor Day? ” Or at least that’s what actress Coral Browne is alleged to have said. Browne (whom you doubtless remember as the elegant lesbian convert in the 1968 Robert Aldrich movie The Killing of Sister George ) birthed this little saying as a way of neutralizing cocktail-party banter re the legendary effeminacy of her husband, Vincent Price.

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