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I've actually had an e-mail from an Australian (Tasmanian) cousin (Ross Begent) who I haven't seen for 25 years!!!

He actually found your home page the same week as me. When we were in London in 1978, my husband (Peter) rang a few Begents at random in the London phone book.

While searching the web myself, I have found Begents in America and a couple of quite famous ones over here, but the most intriguing one, and also the earliest, is the one at might be worth a visit.

Click here to see Jan & Andys Family Tree We have been in touch with a Derek Begent who lives in London and shares an interest in tracing the name. Eventually it would be good to find a connection between all of them.

Incidentally, we found Charles Begent in the 1881 Census index, described as a 54 year old letter carrier living in Hammersmith with his wife, Elizabeth 52, and 3 children - Henry James 21, James 18 and Alice 13 - presuamably he was your great-great grandfather. If you get any other contacts from Begents we'd be grateful if you could give them our details in case they want to share 'Begent' information.

Regards Jan and Andy Begent Subject: BEGENT FAMILY IN AUSTRALIA From Meg Daly Just to let you know that I am descended from the said Eli Begent who was transported to Tasmania (Van Diemens Land) in 1811. It is interesting to read all about the family and where the name originated.

My Father was Jack Begent and I have a sister Judy Begent. Thanks Meg Daly (nee Begent) Subject: BEGENT FAMILY IN AUSTRALIA From Meg Dal Dear Simon Thanks for your message.

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