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The lines are being blurred with their sons,” Horton told CT. was one of Trump’s earliest evangelical endorsements, and Franklin Graham will also be speaking at his inauguration.

“I think that people like White and Osteen are able to tone down the heretical aspects of the Word of Faith teaching,” he said.

She and ex-husband Randy White grew Tampa’s Without Walls International Church into a prominent megachurch in the years leading up to their 2007 divorce.

Their separation coincided with news reports alleging they took advantage of congregants’ generosity to pad their lush lifestyle, including a .1 million waterfront mansion and a .5 million Trump Tower condo in New York.

“Do I believe that God is some sugar daddy or Santa Claus?

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“I know you label me a heretic, a prosperity preacher. “That doesn’t mean my 20-year-old self was that doctrinally off, [but] I’ve denied the Trinity.” While most inauguration picks elicit some level of controversy, the theological back-and-forth over White reveals a divide even within the tradition she is portrayed to represent.“The greatest blessing of my life is that God loved me enough to reduce me to Christ,” said White in her interview with CT.In the years after, she moved on to New Destiny and got remarried, to Journey songwriter Jonathan Cain.“It really, truly is the board and the wisdom of so many great men and women of God.” But White’s involvement carries major baggage, especially for evangelical leaders who have for years lamented the endlessly positive health and wealth theology associated with her ministry (even doing so in rap).Critical voices within the church worry that White’s political prominence will push the prosperity gospel mainstream—or prove that it’s already there.

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