Who is mikhail prokhorov dating

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There are two Russias, as Katia says: One hobbles along, while the other races forward, spending its oil cash with the sort of careless abandon that you could find only in a country where toilet paper was once considered a luxury good.It's Friday afternoon in the sprawling capital, and we're zipping past construction cranes and shiny new megamalls ahead of the weekend traffic."When people shop here, they buy a lot," Katia explains when I ask how this spotless Stepford village stays afloat. At the eatery, disco balls dangle from the ceiling, a gold-plated Kalashnikov assault rifle rests on one wall, and a painting of George W.

And in this brief, borrowed moment, there seems no other way to live. Vika, a fashion designer, sports an angular haircut that I can only describe as Miranda Deconstructed.Soon enough, the talk turns to guys, so, yes, I find myself smack-dab in the middle of an episode of Sex and the Russian City."Yes, but so many men still want women to stay at home," says Raquel."When a woman is successful, the men are afraid." I ask about the successful men — what do they do?

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