Who is kate lanphear dating

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And Elizabeth Berkley, she of Peter Brant will meet in Greenwich divorce court for the first time today.

Guests included Madonna, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, ♦ Last night Karl Lagerfeld was in town to celebrate the Chanel Mobile Art exhibition with a cocktail party in Central Park.

“We chose to do something very glamorous, very high society,” he said. That was the big era for Playboy.”At Casa Magazines, a store in the West Village in Manhattan packed from floor to ceiling with almost every imaginable incarnation of the printed word, traditional pornographic magazines used to be big sellers.

But in recent years, “we only get five or 10 people buying these a month,” said Mohammed Imran, an employee, gesturing at a cramped shelf of half a dozen or so titles clearly aimed at men.

Despite their relatively small audience, the magazines are influencing the direction of the pornography industry, according to Theo Sapoutzis, chief executive of the industry magazine and trade organization Adult Video News. Adult, for example, recently published an account of a straight man’s youthful dalliance with homosexuality. A print magazine “has the power to make you stop and look at an image and consider it,” Ms. “It makes you assume that something is beautiful rather than just affirming your unconscious view of what is beautiful, like those swiping things,” she said, referring to Grindr and Tinder.

There are photographs by John Edmonds, an employee of a public library in Washington who takes nude portraits of young men, some of whom he knows, and others whom he persuades to be photographed. Kate Lanphear, the new editor of Maxim — a men’s magazine rather than a pornographic one, but one that has traditionally featured scantily clad women — takes a similar view. Lanphear, who said that it was too early to disclose her exact plans for Maxim, did say that her aim “is to have women represented in a healthy, confident and energetic way.” Even Playboy has adopted a more artistic sensibility with a recent update.

In late hours you feel more free, more glam and with Kate Moss' new fragrance Velvet Hour you'll feel a thousand times more sensual.

After Kate Moss' first perfume Kate Moss in cooperation with Coty, announced night life notes with her second perfume, which she enjoys herself. Read More This moment very much expected is finally here, as the Kate Moss Topshop High Summer 2009 Collection is already in stores.

Playboy, which at one time sold almost six million copies a month in the United States, now sells about a million, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.Her move last year to Maxim from The New York Times’s T magazine, where she was women’s style director, surprised many.“The Internet can feel like such a numbing parade of bodies, and print offers you the chance to do something more thoughtful and leave something to the imagination again,” Ms. The magazine, which still features Playmates of the Month and other naked women, celebrated its 60th anniversary with the model Kate Moss on the cover.It also collaborated with the pop artist Richard Phillips on an art installation in Marfa, Tex.The ultra-polished look seems to be a no-no accessory of this movement.Instead go for comfy and low-maintenance hairdos that complete your look.

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