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(In most other countries, counties have entering and exiting signs). Our separate files on each Parish describe their islands.Some have interesting histories, or are privately owned or both. Some are wild life reserves, with signs telling people on foot or in boats that landing is prohibited.The Castle Group of islands, Darrell's Island, Nonsuch Island and Paget Island are typical of those closed to most visitors.In November, 2012 two of the six Fairylands area islands were advertised for sale, for 0,000.The map below, from west to east, shows how they relate to each other geographically.With the exception of Devonshire Parish, no Parish shows boundary signs. Some were absorbed into one of the former military bases or been blasted away or merged with a neighboring island.On the north, west, and south they are surrounded by reefs.

Both islands are within close proximity to the Point Shares and Fairylands neighborhoods.Dr Martin lived on Gunpowder Island, also known as Agars Island from the 1990s. cottage, a boathouse, and a former military barracks that can double as a conference centre.Private Island Online, a Canadian website, described the island, in the azure waters of Great Sound, Bermuda as a 7.5-acre property that once served as secret chambers for military explosives in the late 19th century. There is also a three-bedroom dock house, a 2,060-square-foot one-bedroom cottage, a boathouse, and a former military barracks that can double as a conference centre.But as an amenity this pair of islands will provide hours of enjoyment for the boater or environmentalist or someone who just wishes a convenient escape from the mainland.Originally 4 acres, is 200 yards by sea from the exclusive area of Point Shares, in Pembroke Parish.

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