White label dating site reviews

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That being said, I overlooked these demeanor elements and had high hopes that the solution itself would be worth the lack of a true ‘service first’, mentality. By this time I am thinking clearly there are some big red flags for partnering my business with this company, but yet I still kept an open mind wanting to at least give this solution a thorough chance to see if it was a good fit.

So off I went…I took first steps to move our urls and get a plan put together to get our sites started so we could start brand building. My thoughts at that point were that, perhaps their systems were so good they can afford to have this, “You come to us mentality”.

The online dating industry is worth billions of dollars and many people, including myself once upon a time, wanted or are trying to get a slice of it.

The factor that stopped me making a real attempt at penetrating this market is because the industry is extremely competitive and if you’re trying to build your dating community from scratch, it’s a difficult task – there are easier money making opportunities out there.

The dirty little secret that if you knew you’d probably have never started there in the first place.

Once you’ve signed up with them for free, they provide you with the dating software, membership database, payment processing, customer support, hosting infrastructure, tax processing and more – all to help you launch your dating site.White Label Dating® is the world’s leading online dating provider. We help media brands, affiliates and entrepreneurs effortlessly create their own online dating site or network. All you need to do is get a domain name and market your site.Your income then works on a 50/50 revenue share basis for the members you bring in. It all sounds great but unfortunatley my research found that it’s not all that it’s made out to be for both webmasters and customers.

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