What to do when your two best friends are dating Free chat with real sexy people

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Rather, the data here point out the importance of your romantic partner also being one of your best friends.Ultimately, the best way to have true love forever may be to be best friends forever first.

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By recognizing the parallels between best friends and romantic partners, you can benefit from holding both types of relationships to the same standards.All of these benefits are backed up by accounts from a special type of relationship expert: couples who’ve been happily married for over 15 years.When researchers asked over 350 of these couples about their secret to relationship success and longevity, what was the number one reason? The second most common response was liking their spouse as a person, another key facet of friendship-based love.View the full list Being someone’s BFF is a big deal – you don’t hand over the other half of your “Best Friends” necklace to just anyone.Having a romantic partner who is also your best friend potentially sounds perfect.

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