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“From when teens walk in with their breasts kind of showing or their stomach showing, and (pastors) don’t say anything, to when they don’t say anything about their sex lives, Di Marco said, “when pastors ignore it, it is a tacit endorsement of it.” Educating teens, especially girls, about the pitfalls of becoming sexually active outside of marriage is a mission that hits close to home for Di Marco.After accepting Christ at age 27 and learning of God’s plan for sex within marriage, the author realized that her past years of painful and broken relationships were a result of her sexual sin.“Parents, adults, and pastors are so afraid of saying the wrong words that they are just turning a blind eye.Rather than offend somebody and say a bad word, they are just going to keep letting them do what they are doing,” Di Marco said.Parents don’t necessarily need to mandate that the couple break up, Di Marco said.

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Even Christian teens are not immune to the rampant sexual temptations bombarding their generation.t used to be that most parents didn’t worry that their children would fall into sexual temptation until after they were old enough to drive.Having a car potentially gave them plenty of alone time with a member of the opposite sex, and that was cause for concern."They have to have their parents’ support.” It is also important that parents exhibit forgiveness for their teens.Parents should remind their children that God forgives any sin that we commit when we confess it to Him and stop doing the behavior.

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