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Here the relationship is meant to evoke a father and a son, (Issac's character has issues with his dead father).

This slightly dilutes the dark heart of the picture.

Movies like "The Talented Mr Ripley" and "Strangers on a Train" worked as well as they did because the villain was clearly homosexual and psychopathic and you never knew where his temper and jealous rages might take him.

In this movie Mortensen is undoubtedly the jealous straight guy while Issac is just too nice, (he's too sweet to be a real con-man).

After awhile Dundst's character becomes almost redundant as the men start to play power games with each other.

Whereas the male/male relationships in other Highsmith adaptations were mostly homo-erotic with at least one of the characters clearly drawn as gay.

Since 2009, the actor has been in a relationship with Spanish actress Ariadna Gil.However, the De Haviland Comet with square windows as seen in the film was discontinued years before.The improved Comet 2 and the prototype Comet 3 culminated in the redesigned Comet 4 series which debuted in 1958.According to a 2016 Esquire piece about him, Mortensen lives with his girlfriend in Madrid.He tells Esquire that he chose Madrid "Because I fell in love and she lived there." Click through our gallery to check out more pictures of Ariadna Gil.

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