Validating a text field el paso dating sites

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The Validation plugin lets you apply validations to your fields to prevent a form being submitted with invalid values.

Meanwhile the j Query UI Datepicker plugin lets the user select a date from a pop calendar, ensuring a correct entry.

These credentials are then compared against the user store.

If they are valid, then the user is granted a forms authentication ticket, which is a security token that indicates the identity and authenticity of the visitor.

The Membership API includes a method for programmatically validating a user's credentials against the user store. NET ships with the Login Web control, which renders a user interface with textboxes for the username and password and a button to log in.

We will also look at how to customize the login control's appearance and behavior. For web sites that use forms authentication, a user logs on to the website by visiting a login page and entering their credentials.

The plugin presented here extends the Validation plugin to allow Datepicker fields to be validated before submission.The exact parameters are configurable through the following two Membership provider configuration settings: , even if valid credentials are supplied.While this behavior lessens the likelihood that a hacker will break into your site through brute force methods, it can end up locking out a valid user who has simply forgotten her password or accidentally has the Caps Lock on or is having a bad typing day.Through brute force, such a program might be able to stumble upon a user's password, especially if the password is weak.To prevent such brute force attacks, the Membership framework locks out a user if there are a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts within a certain period of time.

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