Validating a mission statement dating exclusive international

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The linkage is achieved by stepping down from a high-level, business-driven mission statement to a set of more specific business and IT objectives, then to a set of specific implementation criteria, and finally to the conceptual design of a long-term technical architecture for an improved BI program.Each step in the process is linked to its predecessor and validated by both the business and IT communities, ensuring that the initial mission is supported.In order to begin the MMA process, you need to understand the business drivers for improved business intelligence.Gathering business driver information involves first identifying the leaders of your organizations information customer groups.

You should meet with each individual to discuss the general function of his or her group and try to identify, at a high level, what decisions the group is making and what information they need to make those decisions in an informed manner.

This process is undertaken using input from original interviews with information customer group leaders.

This information is essential to accurately dissect the mission statement.

Do any of the following scenarios describe your organization?

It can be difficult to get around these organizational and political issues to open up the lines of communication between business and IT.

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