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My options were to either give everyone a few hours off, give no one a few hours off, or single out a few people with a few hours off.

They’re all non-exempt, so a few hours off really does mean getting paid to do nothing.

It’s going to be very hard to sit at my desk at work (tried it yesterday and had to go out to my car for long periods, ended up leaving early to see a therapist).

I’ve been trying to deal with some performance issues on my team, mostly related to people not meeting deadlines.– Abraham Badru, 26, was shot dead in Dalston, east London, as he got something out of the boot of his car.He had been awarded the National Police Bravery Award in July 2009 after he intervened to stop a rape.Would it be okay if I worked from home for the next few days?” (Ideally your boss will just say that she hopes everything is okay and won’t pry, but if she does ask what’s going on, it’s fine to say something vague like, “Just a difficult personal situation, but I’m trying to work it out.”) If you can’t imagine saying that to your boss, I tend to think that the phrase “under the weather” covers situations like this one (you’re emotionally under the weather, after all). My office is having us compete for “perks” by working extra time I work for an online state university that acts more like a private for-profit university in terms of “selling” registration.

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