Updating your g p s tomtom

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Tried to get one for my wife's 3590LM and Garmin don't supply them in Australia and won't tell you where to get one. They advised if I sent it to their repair centre, they would replace it with a refurbished 3590 for . I hope I don't get the same dumb logic when my 3597's battery requires replacement.

the unit is great for zooming in and out of areas....tells you what the next street ahead is and what street you are on..safety camera warning and speed limit advice are good..for navigation....

Seriously,if my kids found it easy to use and above all me,especially on the Sydney Harbour Bridge anyone can.

It's 2018 and I am searching everywhere for them,have found some refurbished ones to consider and the accessories can still be purchased on ebay USA which is good to know. Warnings of red light speed cameras are a blessing...

My kids are now learning to drive and I am searching far and wide for this exact unit for them.

I know there are updated ones but this unit did not need improving.

It is a very nice looking unit but it does not have basic and simple functionality to indicate distance left to travel and the hours/minutes to destination.If it's a long trip, I now have to double check the Garmin's route with a Google Maps before heading off. The magnetic mount is very clever, although the suction cap drops off the windscreen occasionally.I wish I had taken this unit back as soon as I realised it wouldn't stay stuck. Surprisingly, I have not had problems with reflections on the screen.I am strict on not looking at my phone whilst driving,especially messages so I leave it in my bag on the back seat incase i'm pulled over accused of using the phone whilst driving as the bluetooth is linked to it.It's easier than using the car radio as everything is voice controlled,even volume and dimmer.

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