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The Commission did not receive any interventions in connection with this application.

The new licence for the commercial ethnic station runs from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2025.

around 2300 hours UTC playing Spanish commercials and pop music. Just ahead of the Royal Wedding on May 19th we'll have a fabulous Royal Themed Hamper to give away, thanks to our friends at Tiptree. CRTC DECISION: https://ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-147.htm? _ga=2.86027992.1901715875.1525973797 -266612896.1508512092 used to stream five of their regional radio services from its main website [np] but then dropped them and reverted to just streaming their main national service.

It put out an extremely strong signal with good modulation on this frequency but had disappeared by midnight. And you can also win up to £50 to spend in our webshop thanks to Lisa Dolley, a listener from Cornwall. Now one of these regional services - Radio Surkhet - has set up its own website with live audio streaming at broadcasting in Nepali (and possibly other local languages) and English.

News is on the hour every hour, the rest is just music and station announcements.

The programme can be heard as well via internet: now (2230 UTC 25/4) and 6205 (2245 UTC) with different programs, heard via various European SDRs.

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Here is a link to Atlanta Journal-Constitution Radio/TV Blog covering the story and WMLB's owner...

Google translates: After the summer of 2018 we will stop broadcasting via the medium wave.

When we do not know exactly yet, but of course we will keep you informed.

So do join us live onboard our historic radioshiop Ross Revenge for another weekend full of memories. Only 90.2 MHz FM is announced on air and cited on the website - no mention of their locally-sited – Spectrum Radio – got approval last October to change the character of service of the licence to remove focus on ethnic minority communities in London.

Your emails are always welcome at [email protected] Radio Caroline" in Cache Creek, B. Now, the regulator has begun a consultation to seek views from interested parties as to whether Love Sport should be allowed to change its format.

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