Traits of intimidating people

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Someone who only tells you your good points is trying to make sure you keep liking them.

• Unsafe people demand trust instead of earning it. It grows when we experience consistent caring behavior. Everyone tells untruths sometimes, but unsafe people see deception as an effective way of dealing with problems.

My fall caused 7 weeks coma with five months in the hospital. If they inspecta jobsite at all they cite violations.

The new ladder was no better (taller) than the one I fell from trying to put things too far above it. I refused to climb the ladder and was told to get off the jobsite.

If you are a sensitive person, you are particularly vulnerable to entering into unsafe relationships, because you tend to be trusting, open, honest, and compassionate by nature.

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Perhaps even more upsetting is the realization that they are just like all the other people you’ve dated, and you have found yourself in the same unfulfilling relationship pattern.

- In Viet Nam a few men died because they paid no attention to what I said.

- During my work in a drug store I warned the manager about the unsafe ladder, and was ignored.

Being open and vulnerable is essential to a relationship.

Sometimes people will try to hide their weaknesses by focusing on your weaknesses instead.

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