To communicate dating

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It’s easy to delete a new message from a guy you don’t find attractive.

If he opened with a compliment like, “You look hot”, “Great body”, etc., he deserves a “thank you”.

You might be spilling your drama bag all over the place and no one wants to pick up after your mess! Maybe one or two ‘nots’ are useful, but writing any more than that makes the person sound like a negative-Nancy and a bitter, unhappy queen.

As soon as you detect someone giving you drama or attitude you can, You sent a message expressing interest. Didn’t you get it after the second message went unanswered? It’s okay, I’ll wait…It can be frustrating when you want it so bad and it doesn’t seem to be happening. Once that dick starts a-stirring, it’s hard to bring it back down. There could be ten different reasons from, Send him a final message. There’s no way they’ll be any fun in bed, unless you rally like angry sex.

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It takes time to feel out the nature and character of another person online.

Without face-to-face communication we miss 70% of the intended message. He sends you pictures of his body, cock, and ass, or whatever it is that makes you excited. Check your emotions and your expectations, because until he shows up at your door, you just don’t know what to expect.

The written word is often misunderstood and this leads to hurt, annoyance, frustration, etc. The ball of expectation starts rolling and gaining momentum. When you design the entire scenario (with the exception of you guys into role play), if it doesn’t go the way you planned, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

No need to say, “No problem” or, “You’re welcome.” It’s all empty rhetoric at this point. However, don’t write back to ask if he’s interested. That’s just your dick talking now and at this point you start to look desperate and risk getting your ego hurt. Drama is part of some cultures (you know who you are!

), but don’t you dare blame others for your own issues!

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