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He was also good in The 4400Good question OP, perhaps : His generic, VERY white good looks were about as interesting to watch as paint drying? Surgery, weight loss, or removing a pound of kleenex from her bra?

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.In this interview, he reveals that he considers himself sort of dilettante when it comes to acting, and that he basically does it to pay for his real love, which is sailing. Also, when I was younger and cuter, people would tell me I looked like him. He probably stayed pretty much in the closet and played by the rules.He also reveals that people in his life call him Ollie--short for his middle name, Oliver. He is several years older than me but has aged way better! On screen, he could convey different parts of his personality and be anyone he wanted to. I think the fact that he's 51 and has been linked only to Virginia Madsen and Jennifer Connelly, and the face he has no kids, pretty much points to being gay.I'm sure the physical display wasn't only for my sake. He was pretty hilarious in that Frasier episode in which he more or less played himself as the perfect man. But even in that small part he radiated something beyond mere handsomeness. As was said upthread, he was dull as dishwater in Dynasty. That was a revelation to me since he'd been so dull in Dynasty (but apparently, that was how the part was written). I like how this page titles a section "Die-Hard Bachelor."His name is Bill Campbell, OP. He appeared in the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola version of Dracula and was at his peak then.

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