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“Right, I’m going to bed,” said Brian, “I’ve got an early start in the morning.” Jane and I sat talking for a while, trying to work out what had gone wrong and where. Jane was sitting at the table in her dressing gown looking slightly muzzy. I got to the top of the stairs and went into the bathroom, passing her bedroom. In one shop Jane picked out a dress and went to try it on. I’ve got a couple of days off work.” “You can stay here until you sort something out,” said Bob. It’ll help me a lot and save me a shit load of money.” “Stay for as long as you need,” said Jane. I got up and put on a T-shirt and shorts and went downstairs. “I’ll put a towel in the bathroom for you; so you can shower when I’ve finished.” “Thanks. ” I sat in the kitchen for a while and went upstairs when I heard Jane’s hairdryer go on. I’ll be bored if I hang around here all day.” We got to the mall and had a coffee, before spending the next few hours wandering round. I’ve got to meet the boss at the office to pick up all the plans, before we go to the airport.” He gave Jane a kiss and was gone. I was panting like a man who’d just run a marathon.

I’m hardly the person to ask for relationship advice, remember. How am I going to look him in the eye ever again.” I went to my room and closed the door and got into bed. ” “Yeah.” Jane sat on the bed, her robe was hanging open. We cuddled for a while and ended up having sex again before falling asleep. I don’t regret this one bit.” “He’s my best friend and I’ve betrayed him. I led you to this.” “I didn’t stop you though, did I? ” “No.” “Then stop worrying about it,” Jane stood, slipped off her robe and got into bed with me. I paused and watched her for a minute before using the toilet. As I said this morning, it’s a bit soon for me.” “So the fact that you had some trouble keeping your eyes off of me, had nothing to do with it? ” “Yes.” I was going to apologise again, but she held up her hand. I was getting worried that I was over the hill.” I thought, over a table, but said, “There’s a lot of women half your age who’d love to look as good as you.” “Oh Bob, that’s so nice.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. I felt like a fourteen year old and I could swear I was blushing. I looked in and got the same sight as the day before. “A couple of them were making it a bit obvious that they were available. I think you’re a stunning woman.” “Good, thanks for that.

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