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It aims to help uploaders decide whether an image or other media file is acceptable on Wikimedia Commons.If you are a re-user looking for information on how to use Commons content in your own work, see Commons: Reusing content outside Wikimedia.Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.This page gives non-lawyers an overview of complicated copyright laws through an example-based tutorial.

Specifically, the following information must be given on the description page, regardless if the license requires it or not: These points of the description can be done at best using the Information template.

For example, files under a "non-commercial" license are OK only if they are at the same time also released under a free license that allows commercial use.

Multi-Licensing with restrictive licenses may be desirable for compatibility with the licensing scheme of other projects; also, multi-licensing allows people who create derivative work to release that work under a restrictive license only, if they wish—that is, it gives creators of derivative works more freedom with regards to which license they may use for their work. The following well-known licenses are preferred for materials on Commons: Note: The GFDL is not practical for photos and short texts, especially for printed media, because it requires that they be published along with the full text of the license.

However, the distinctions are unclear and may differ from country to country.

Here are a few examples to clarify: This is often problematic, if the artwork is not the primary content of the image or is not clearly recognizable: in that case, usually only the creator of the resulting picture (recording, etc.) holds a copyright.

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