Single cop dating sites

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Dating a cop means being with someone who may be on-duty 24/7.Coupled with the specifics of their work, this in most cases makes them cold, even distant, if not to say cynical.Besides, being under the trusted guard of a cop is an unparalleled feeling.Giving your partner space is another annoying thing about dating a police officer.Sure, most members of the force work long and tiring shifts – but with a bit of thought, these long shifts can even work to the advantage of a fledgling relationship.

At the same time, it can be more challenging than dating other uniformed professionals.

Which means sometimes you'll have to deal with their lack of emotional response.

But don't let this put you off, dating law enforcement professionals can be easy once you ready yourself for the circumstances of their job.

There’s no substitute for planning ahead if you're a police officer looking to date.

It goes without saying that you're a very busy professional.

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