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In response, he has declared war on this football world -- and has already met some success.On the basis of previously published Football Leaks documents, the Dutch top-league team FC Twente Enschede, for example, was banned from international play due to a variety of violations.His jeans are full of holes and his shoes dirty, but he doesn't care.He also doesn't care that his coffee is much too hot, finishing off his cup without setting it down even once.

He wanted the stories hidden in the material to be told -- entire stories and not just fragments. He didn't ask SPIEGEL to pay him anything for the information, even though player agents recently offered him up to 650,000 euros.But there he is, sitting as a fan in the stands of Hamburg's football stadium. John is Football Leaks, the online platform that has exposed a series of explosive contracts and agreements from the football industry. This spring, John decided to share his secret Football Leaks treasure.He calls himself John and is holding his fifth cup of beer in his right hand. The game has come to an end and the Hamburg fans rain down boos and whistles on their team. He no longer wanted to merely publish a player contract here and disclose a bank account statement there.'An Extremely Corrupt System' The journalists see it as their duty to show the public a side of the football industry that had thus far remained in the shadows.John, the whistleblower, sees himself as a kind of Robin Hood, as an avenger of normal football fans.

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