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Although Chip Berlet, then of Political Research Associates, and I defined and popularized the term for many in the 1990s Dominionism is the theocratic idea that regardless of theological view, means, or timetable, Christians are called by God to exercise dominion over every aspect of society by taking control of political and cultural institutions.

Analyst Chip Berlet and I have suggested that there is a dominionist spectrum running from soft to hard as a way of making some broad distinctions among dominionists without getting mired in theological minutiae.

Her costars and Bravo should encourage Kim to take the first step or next step to recover.' On Tuesday's finale reunion episode of RHOBH, the former actress was defiant that everyone stop discussing her sobriety - insisting that when she popped a pill at Eileen's poker party it was a one-off under extraordinary circumstances.

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When this Christian nation is in place (or back in place), Jesus will return.”Rafael Cruz and Huch have long embraced a strain of evangelical theology called Seven Mountains dominionism, which calls for believers to take control over seven leading aspects of culture: family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government.

The name is derived from the biblical book of Isaiah 2:2 (New King James Version): “Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains.” claiming the term dominionism is an invention of liberals intended to smear Christians.

The term describes a broad tendency across a wide swath of American Christianity.

Dominionism is the theocratic idea that regardless of theological camp, means, or timetable, God has called conservative Christians to exercise dominion over society by taking control of political and cultural institutions.In many ways, Ted Cruz personifies the story of dominionism: how it became the ideological engine of the Christian Right, and how it illuminates the changes underway in American politics, culture and religion that have helped shape recent history.Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, who served as his son’s principal campaign surrogate during his senate and presidential campaigns, has been a profound and colorful influence.All of this was pretty hot stuff and dominionism would no doubt have become more of an issue had Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign lasted longer.But Cruz is 45 years old in 2016 and appears to have a bright—and perhaps historic—political future.

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