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With him commanders of the brigades in the division were: General Franciszek Paszkowski (II infantry brigade) and General Tyszkiewicz (cavalry brigade).On September 8, 1815 Mielzynski was released from military service and began acted in secret societies, among others, in the Poznan branch of the National Freemasonry, the 'Association of Kosynier', he was a member of Freemasonry in the seventh degree and also belonged to several other Masonic lodges: "Knights of the Star", "The Brothers of the Union", was a master of the lodge "Humanity".Maria was born in Kiernozia; she known Nicholas Chopin, Frederic Chopin's father]; Named above Anna nee Pulaska / Joanna Pulaska, b.1742 in Grabowo, was the daughter of Jzef Pulaski; she was the sister of KAZIMIERZ PULASKI / Casimir Pulaski, US Revolutionary Hero, the Polish conspirator. in 1784, in the Kobyla Gra parish, in MYSLNIEW, 4 km to Silesia, to Konstancja Psarska b. 6 km to the south of the BRZEZIE was the palace in Wieniec founded in the early nineteenth century by the family of Miaczynski; in 1868 the property bought a Warsaw banker of Jewish origin and a great Polish patriot - Leopold Kronenberg.The memory of the loss of the huge estates of Oskerka was preserved in the Belarusian proverb: "It disappeared, like Oskierka assets. under copyright by the Russian Wikipedia]" Jakub Kiedrzynski from Kalisz, born in WILCZKOW, was the son of Andrzej Kiedrzynski born ca 1715/1720, was the owner of Orpiszewek [born in 1738 in WILCZKOW in the GLUCHOW parish; died in 1798].

[above Maria Countess Walewska nee Laczynska, 1786 - 1817, a mistress of Emperor Napoleon I.

In August 1784, he was invited by Karol Radziwil to Nesvizh in connection with the King's visit planned there.

In August 1786, he signed a petition to the king asking for the border regiment.

Lucja Czekulin] were next of kin to the Madalinski family. Maksymilian Antoni Mielzynski, 1738-1799, born in Laszczyn - Cieladz [close to RAWA MAZOWIECKA]; d. Married in 1771 in Mierzeszyn (Meisterswalde) close to Trabki Wielkie, the Gdansk Pomeranie, to Konstancja Czapska, 1749-1813. Married in 1793 in Pawlowice (Pawlowitz) to Prokop Rufin Jozef Mielzynski, 1763-1800, the son of Hipolit Maciej Jozef Mielzynski 1733-1797 Seweryna Lipska d.

Krzysztof had the son Andrzej Walenty Mielzynski, 1698-1771; born in 1698 - Goscieszyn close to - Wolsztyn (Wollstein); 9 km south-east to WOLSZTYN, 8 km north-east to WRONIAWY; north-west to PRZEMET; 18 km north-west to WILKOWO POLSKIE of Kiedrzyski-Zamoyski family. 1801, Olga Kalinowska born 1818 or 1822 was married to Ireneusz Kleofas Oginski b. 1863 from Belarus, in 1844, and her son Bohdan / Bogdan Oginski was born in 1849. This Emperor has children from two marriages and children with two different women: with a princess Lubomirska ca 1867 and with above Olga, countess Kalinovsky / Olga nee Kalinowska was son Michael-Bogdan or Bogdan / Bohdan, prince Oginski born 10. 1848 or 1849 who married to Gabrielle-Marie, countess Potulicka / Maria Potulicki The Permanent Council consisted of a king (with 2 voices), 18 senators and 18 representatives of nobles (deputies); divided into 5 departments (foreign interests, army, police, treasury and justice).

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