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He came to widespread public attention with a withering, and sometimes overstated, critique of American automobiles, Unsafe at Any Speed (1965).

The resulting furor, including lawsuits and attempts by the car companies to discredit Nader, led to the first imposition of safety standards for cars.

You’ll work with Ralph on three potent ways you can counter the military-industrial-Congressional complex.

You’ll return home as an empowered citizen, with new energy, commitment, and tools to turn hopelessness into action.

He has written many bestsellers, including We’re proud to offer this new opportunity for you to become an effective agent of change with the independent and indefatigable Ralph Nader, whom The Atlantic called one of the 100 most influential figures in American show that Americans are getting wise to our country’s unending military involvement in more than 100 countries, to an unending arms race, and to the waste and fraud in military cost overruns.

This price of empire and wasteful military spending — trillions of dollars of it — drains funds from America’s schools and communities.

Founder of Public Citizen, he is a long-time advocate for consumer safety and workers' rights.

We depend solely on you, our listeners, to sustain us.In the aftermath, consumer issues became a staple among political progressives in the 1960s.Nader attracted hundreds of young people—who became known as Nader’s Raiders—to work with him on consumer and public health issues .Green Party nominee Jill Stein and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson are the top third-party candidates drawing attention from conservatives and liberals who have rejected Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.Both outsiders ran for president in 2012, but neither amassed enough votes to change the outcome of the race between Mitt Romney and President Obama.

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