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The "Warn Me When Web Sites Try to Redirect or Reload the Page" setting is also used to warn you when a page redirects.Redirects can be used by hackers, so allowing redirects without any warning can put your computer and network at risk for malware infection.Either way, it's one too many especially when it happens to a plugin provided with commercial software.My computer froze yesterday and I had to reboot only to discover v.I administer a couple of dozen Windows machines, all of which are in a domain.Most users are NOT administrators, and hence do NOT have the permissions to update FFox & TBird.However, they are still prompted when an update is available, asking if they want to install the update.If they choose to install the update, it of course fails.

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What I object to is the automatic, without so much as an excuse me updates that do things like deactivate plugins, But you know as well as I do that the developers can't resist adding a lot of other bells and whistles and often changing the default layout while they're at it. Firefox updates generaly have very little impact on Plugins installed on your system like Flash, Java (certain versions may be blocklisted though regardless of new release) and such.

15.0.1 had installed itself and took away my previously opened tabs and replaced them with a tab for some other thing they wanted to pitch.

As for adding a whole bunch of new features in new Releases, well that has not happened nearly to the degree it did for Firefox 4.0 release especially and the previous 3.6 and earlier releases.

The Advanced tab contains settings for accessibility, which can make the browser easier to use without a mouse.

This section also controls whether the browser allows a site to automatically reload content or redirect you to another page.

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