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She alleged in her complaint that she & Seeman had a 3 year intimate love affair promising to marry her & that he was now refusing to do so. Seeman who is also the president of the popular political organization “Naam Thamilar Iyakkam (We Tamil movement)has denied the allegation.

Vijayalakshmi who stays with family in Chennai met the City Police commissioner JK Tripathy personally & lodged her complaint against Seeman.

The lawyer alleged a conspiracy to tarnish Seeman’s political stature &spoil his marriage plans&that Seeman will deal with the issue legally.

Thanks to your amazing advice, I was able to land a fantastic job with a big raise after years of stagnant dead-end work.

He also made a random stop at a rice farm for me to take pictures and tell me about the life of the rice farmers that were on government assistance and the conditions they had to live with. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see the world that the villagers live in and to be completely immersed into it.

The staff on the ship were very organized and kind and the service was great. I saw some pictures of the hotel today online and wished I could be there. Vinh clearly has passion for his job and passion for his country and is proud to share it.

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He had an album with snapshots of historical pictures of the places he took us to so we could see the difference of then and now. He seemed to know what my father’s memories were from being in Vietnam during the war and everything he said my Dad could relate to or knew of.

South Chennai Joint police commissioner Shanmugarajeswaran instructed Valasaravakkam Inspector Jeevanantham to inquire into the complaint. While Seeman refused to answer media inquiries his lawyer Chandrasekaran said that Police was yet to contact Seeman regarding the complaint.

Chandrasekaran said that Vijayalakshmi had met Seeman only once when she requested assistance about her sister’s divorce. Chandrasekaran said that he himself had provided assistance in the matter as Seeman had requested him to help. Seeman was planning to marry a war affected Sri Lankan Tamil woman & permission had been obtained from parents revealed lawyer Chandrasekaran.

I’d like to first thank you for being so accommodating to our last minute schedule changes. Those were my favorite and I enjoyed Ho Chi Minh city as well. I didn’t get to see enough of it since time didn’t permit. The tour through the floating villages and seeing the culture of the people was an experience of a lifetime.

I truly believe that those changes made a big difference for the better on our vacation. Phong was a wonderful guide and was very knowledgeable about the city and the current government policies of Vietnam that I was very intrigued by.

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