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It's just like advertising: the more places you've put your profile, the more people will see you.

Start with the free ones, and once you've gotten your feet wet you can try one of the paid services. On the other hand if their photo is poorly composed (or nonexistent), they don't write articulately or they are wishy-washy about what they want, keep looking.

Even if you're attractive, she might be too busy fielding other responses to get back to you.

" I did the other day, and because I wondered it out loud—and because the person I love is a social scientist—he immediately looked it up in a book called .Paradise, Nevada, a suburb 10 miles from Las Vegas, has 118 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women.Other cities where gals got it good include Austin, Texas; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Tempe, Arizona; and Sunnyvale and Santa Ana, California.Think of online dating services as a way to meet people you'd be interested in talking to in person.The idea is to get to the stage where you're talking on the phone and/or meeting in person so you can break free of the limitations of online dating. If you're a guy, chances are the woman you're writing to gets a ton of responses and yours just didn't distinguish itself enough from the rest.

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