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After some chit chat rekha Auntie told me to wait there and she went to have a bath. Then I thought about rekha Auntie taking a shower in the bathroom.

The shower was running and rekha was humming a song.

' and she said 'If you want to babe id love you to...' and I said 'Why not eh?

We can really take our time and enjoy a whole day and night together...' and Suzanne said 'sounds good to me Marcus.did you have in mind?

What happened after that I have no memory of until the following morning when I woke up in a strange bedroom.

My parents divorced when I was about 9 years old and my father was never around so I seldom seen his side of the family but about 2 years ago there was a death in the family and I attended the funeral and got very drunk and my dads sister 'Aunty Suzanne' took me back to her house in her taxi to sleep it off.

' and she shook her head 'no we didnt..were that drunk you couldnt get hard enough...

' So thats what we done, took a nice hot bath together, washing eachother, kissing and discussing what we wanted to do to eachother but one night turned into a week and there was not much we didnt try in that week either which I will put into more stories depending on the feedback I receive to this first effort...ended up having sex in the bath, on the sofa, in the kitchen, on the stairs even sitting on the toilet.

In the film the man was fucking the girl from behind. In the BF it was end part and the man was now spraying his cum on the girl’s face.

I could clearly see her nipple through the dress and they were hard and erect. She sat so close to me that her left thigh was touching my right thigh.

..' and she panted 'Mmmm, me to we go..coming Marcus!!

..' and her body tensed and then trembled as she orgasmed for the first time and she panted 'JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!! ' and I pulled out of her dripping pussy and knelt between her big thighs looking down at her big, flabby body her ample tits lying each side of her chest and her lovely bushy brown mound between her thighs and I pulled my foreskin right back and slowly rubbed my throbbing helmet up and down her warm pussy lips and slapping it on her swollen clit and she groaned 'ohhh you tease...' so I slid my rigid cock back into her sticky cunt and she raised her big legs up and wide open and I started fucking her nice and steady watching her tits wobbling each time our groins slapped together and sighed 'oh Suzanne...' and she grunted loudly as the bed creaked as I started really ramming into her and somehow I kept this going for a good 20 mins before groaning 'OH Suzanne... ' and she panted 'No No No..your Aunty Suzanne with your hot spunk...' and I shot a load of come deep into her juicy pussy and sighed 'Ohhhh not finished..ohhh' and I pulled my sticky cock out of her and wanked the rest of my sticky spunk all over her flabby stomach and pubic hair and collapsed between her legs and we both puffed and panted and looked eachother in the eye and she smiled Suzanne whispered 'Well that was something else Marcus...thank you!!

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