Nolan gerard funk and tammin sursok dating

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The thing with movies characterized by music and performing arts is that its essence depends largely on the relevance and the timing of its performances in relation to a particular issue in the story. may be underrated and under-appreciated but a deeper analysis of the film may reveal quite a degree of sense and heart in it lying behind its seeming superficiality.

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Soon, however, he was recruited by a performing choir leader who has been accustomed to performing inside a 'box', so to speak, and to living strictly by the rules.

just the other day and gave me the scoop on playing Courtney -- the super-spazzy brains behind 's show choir -- and freezing her butt off on the movie's Vancouver set. TS: Nolan would always make funny faces off camera during parts when I had to laugh, which was nice of him.

Tammin Sursok: I'd never been able to play a comedic role with such an A-type personalty before. And Courtney's definitely a perfectionist, so I found the character's neuroses and the little things that perfectionists do and adapted them to myself. BW: What's one thing you're a perfectionist about in real life? BW: So you're not really like Courtney in real life? BW: I saw that when you were shooting up in Vancouver, it was so cold that you needed to wear warming pads. We'd have like three layers under our jeans and three under our shirts!

Little did Niko knew that this unselfish act would be greatly rewarded.

As he soared in his newfound career, even the ones around him who lost their radiance found their way to reinvent themselves and soar with him.

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