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Urban children, particularly girls, are especially hard hit.

The means of prevention, information and aid for adolescents in difficulty are insufficient in both urban and isolated rural areas.

Disabled Children Despite the country’s recent efforts to improve the lot of physically and mentally challenged children, much remains to be done.

Such children are marginalized by society and have their basic rights routinely violated.

Such menial labor is exhausting for young, growing children – as well as risky.

The repercussions for their physical and mental health are numerous and malignant.

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Education Mongolia has striven to improve the spread and quality of the education its children receive.

Thanks to these efforts, schooling is free and mandatory. It has been observed that boys are underrepresented in schools.

They abandon their education early in life: reflecting a traditional mindset that downplays the need for males to continue their education beyond adolescence.

The struggle for survival is difficult, strewn with pitfalls and commonly doomed to grim failure.

In the country’s capital, Ulan-Bator alone – home to an astounding 45% of the country’s population of 2.75 million – the number of children condemned to this fate has been estimated to be 400,000, or 14.5% of the entire population.

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