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Many of the guesthouses here are at the high end of the "Sexual Temperature" scale, and the trend is even further in that direction, but there is still a broad range of lodging options available.

If you're looking to get lucky, Palm Springs is well suited to help you achieve your goal.

I believe that our erotic and sensual capacities are profound! I love to engage my sensual and sometimes wickedly playful imagination to create a special space that is unique to you and the experience that you seek.

I also recognize and appreciate the deep honor it is to have permission to touch you, to share this tantalizing journey, and to witness your discovery of your body’s awe-inspiring capacity for pleasure.

It has a broader array of facilities than most gay resorts, and is beginning to offer a comparable number of gay-specific options.

After years of working in the fields of Experiential Education, Personal Development, Bodywork and Fitness, I have come to believe that we cannot truly address, experience or explore any of these capacities without the inclusion of our sensual and erotic nature! I am only interested in what can be “felt”, “embodied” and “experienced”. I am committed to my own personal transformation and continually seek out teachers and mentors to assist in deepening my own personal journey.

I quickly realized that my free-spirited nature and sense of curiosity, adventure and thirst for continued personal growth and expansion could not be fulfilled and quenched within the corporate world.

It wasn’t until I hit my 40’s that I began my study into the field of the Erotic Arts.

Many aspects of the area invite comparison to other gay resorts, but those comparisons form an incomplete picture of the Palm Springs experience.

Palm Springs is a perfect long-weekend winter getaway for anyone whose primary interest is relaxing in the sun.

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