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Once inside, inmates hide the phones in their cells, often inside items of clothing, bedding or hollowed out electrical items.

At HMP Verne in Dorset, two prisoners built matchstick models with special hidden compartments to store their phones.

It is claimed he inserted waterproofed phones into cartons of milk, which he then resealed.

The cartons were delivered directly to the prison kitchen, where inmates with trustee status would be able to retrieve them.

What made the enterprise truly remarkable was that Moon was running the whole thing from his prison cell at HMP Lindholme in Doncaster.

Morgan was also behind bars, doing ten years for drug offences in the Central American republic's notoriously tough El Renacer prison in Gamboa, about 20 miles from Panama City.

Moon had already been jailed three times for drugs offences and was in Lindholme, a medium-security prison, serving a 14-year term imposed in 2003.

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Statistics compiled by NOMS show that the authorities found 4,461 mobiles and 4,325 SIM cards in prisons in England and Wales between February 2009 and January this year.

This is a four-fold increase on the number found three years earlier. Harry Fletcher, of the National Association of Probation Officers, calls the figure for phones found in the past 12 months 'implausible', claiming instead that the true number of phones is likely to be at least double that.

The phones get into the prisons through a variety of ingenious methods.

In January a haul of 13 mobiles, 24 SIM cards, several chargers and a quantity of drugs and alcohol were discovered hidden inside tins of baked beans and soup destined for HMP Frankland, the top-security prison that houses the Soham killer, Ian Huntley.

The package was delivered in a sealed prison bag and made to look as if it belonged to an inmate who had been transferred from another institution.

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