Kyle brandt dating

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Although mildly affected by some of the blast that he contained in a vault, he comes out victorious and is congratulated by the rest of the team.

Jake goes undercover as a catering waiter at the Chinese Embassy to support senior-agent Kyle Duarte's mission to recover stolen tank plans, he is to help reprogramming the surveillance cameras.

In desperation to rescue his brother, Jake goes against orders and helps the leader's son escape from the NSA.

Jake gets leave to attend a friend's wedding, despite concern about the condition of the nanobots inside of him.

Jake and Kyle are sent in undercover, Kyle as a military officer and Jake as a new recruit for the "Wolf Pack", a non-conventional group of assassins.

Jake struggles to gain acceptance, but eventually wins the others over.

The NSA taps into a highly-encrypted call in Polish and determine someone is trying to get a piece of the nanite-project.

However, when they take measures to protect Jake, it quickly becomes apparent that he is not the target, deduce the man Diane is dating is going to kidnap her – the person who knows the nanites best.

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