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Keller was born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA.A few years prior to her joinning the Atlantis Expedition, her mother died and she was all her father had left.Though Keller continued to voice that she wished to be replaced, Weir simply informed her that the International Oversight Advisory were already in the process of choosing a new candidate but that they were known to take time on their decisions.(SGA: "First Strike") Shortly after this, the Asurans attacked Atlantis with their Satellite weapon.After she gained status as a medical professional, she then gained military clearance to the Stargate program; where she joined the Atlantis expedition. Elizabeth Weir, due to her experience in the medical field.(SGA: "First Strike", "Doppelganger", "Missing", "Quarantine") After Dr.When they arrive however, they find that the entire village was deserted and that the gate was guarded by Bola Kai.She was relying on Teyla to get through the night until the rest of her team could rescue them.

The next day, the three were forced to flee when Bola Kai discovered them.

Eventually, her memories became lax enough to be taken the mess hall, where those who had also succumbed to the effects of the fever were taken, by Major Evan Lorne and his team, who became paranoid from the medication to slow down the fever's effects. Rodney Mc Kay was also taken to the mess hall without his memories, he proposed an escape attempt.

The attempt succeeded, but as she was helping him, she got stunned by Lorne's team.

As Atlantis dropped the shields temporarily to escape from Lantea to M12-578, the Asuran beam grazed the tower and Weir was seriously injured.

Keller was responsible for trying to save her life and preformed a Decompressive craniectomy.

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