Is taylor swift dating anyone

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But we’re not here to discuss the “if”—we’re concerned with the "why? People probably say "that guy from " more often than his actual name, and fame is obviously an enviable thing.

Hiddleswift was faker than a deviated septum in a celebrity nasal passage, but an interesting question remains: Now that they’re reportedly broken up, what was even the point?

Pretty much the only pop star at a higher stratosphere of fame than her right now is Beyoncé.

I mean, I’m pretty sure, at one point in 2012, my dad, who is a Republican and regularly reads the , said something like, “Who is Taylor Swift dating now? She traded in her boyfriends for the currency of girl power.

She began collecting friends and curating evidence of the lady-bonding to the point that her Instagram became a living museum of normatively hot performers.

It must be Monday, because there’s yet another Taylor Swift dating rumor!

We can’t keep up, so we can only imagine how you feel!

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