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He earned nine Screen Actors Guild Awards and eleven Golden Globe nominations.Leonardo is the winner of 54 awards including three Golden Globes and one Academy, BAFTA and Screen Actor Guild each. They are “Runner Runner,” “Out of Furnace,” “Red Riding hood,” and others.Di Caprio has a long line of girlfriends, none of which have become a wife to the 43-year-old. And as always, Leonardo Di Caprio is living the life, taking constant lavish and swanky vacations most of us cannot afford with his model girlfriends.And what is the one thing all these women have in common? And because Di Caprio has that marvellous reputation, the paparazzi love to follow him around and we always get a look at his blissful vacations and romances., and since then, the Hollywood heavyweight has broken many hearts.

Leonardo Di Caprio looks so young and energetic in his forties.

His approximately net worth is around $ 245 million. Leonardo Di Caprio made controversy when he refused to show transparency on his Foundation’s financial transactions.

This happened in 2016 resulting in several parties forcing him to return donations received for rainforest charity.

On Twitter and Facebook, he has more than 18.9 million and 17 million followers respectively.

Additionally, more than 20.7 million people follow him on Instagram.

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