Indesign problems updating artwork

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Along with the increased speed is a new Animated Zoom that lets you zoom to the exact center of an area by clicking and holding, or zoom in and out quickly by clicking and scrubbing left and right.

Shared network protection lets you keep working on documents opened from a shared network, even if the connection to the network is lost or interrupted.

As usual, I like to open up the fles and clean them up a little.

I delete all unused graphic styles, brushes, and swatches.

(It's probably noteworthy that I'm also connected to a server here at work, and that connection can sometimes be exceptionally slow.) Here are the issues I'm experiencing, using one recent book layout as an example: 1) Not all links get packaged.

It looks like In Design skips out on about half of them, i.e.

Once I packaged the In Design file, I can no longer open the resulting and export Interactive nor Print PDFs from it. I have to go back to the working file I created the package from. and b) I've read theories about shortening link filenames, and deleting special characters from them (read that even 1 or 2 offending filenames can cause issues).Terry was previously a production artist and graphic designer, and holds a degree in Environmental Design from NC State University.Hello, gurus: Client supplied us in Design CS2 files and CS2 files.Previously, if a network interruption occurred, In Design would shut down to protect the shared document from corruption.Now, you will not notice that the network connection was dropped.

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