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Barraza/Hilary Swank has broken off her engagement to former tennis professional Ruben Torres, just three months after accepting his proposal. "I am so happy to announce the engagement to my dear Ruben."However, it appears the romance was not meant to be and the couple has since ended its relationship and parted ways.

The Oscar winner announced her happy news on back in March, when she shared a photo of herself posing alongside her new fiance, with her engagement ring on show. Hilary was spotted without a sparkler on her left ring finger as she attended the 2016 French Open on Saturday, and now a representative for the "Million Dollar Baby" star has confirmed to she is single again.

so she's reportedly firing the people who put her in that position. READ MORE Hilary Swank may owe the world ANOTHER apology ... READ MORE Hilary Swank says she probably should have said "no" ...

because her first "I'm Sorry" letter for appearing at an event honoring an alleged bloodthirsty warlord ... when she was invited to a birthday party for the President of Chechnya last week ...

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Her maternal grandmother, Frances Martha Dominguez, was of Mexican descent, and her other roots include German, English, and Scottish.

READ MORE Hilary Swank is ready to touch gloves and come out fightin' -- she's filed a lawsuit against a company in Southern California for allegedly using pics of her from "Million Dollar Baby" in their… The 2-time Oscar winner was dropped by her publicity team at the…

READ MORE Ya hang out with one blood-thirsty warlord ... READ MORE Hilary Swank got serious backlash after appearing at the birthday party for a murdering warlord ...

" she captioned a selfie of the two of them (below) that she shared on Instagram.

"I am so happy to announce the engagement to my dear Ruben." We were so caught up in that picturesque mountain view we almost missed the most important part of that picture — her new ring!

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