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For now, the Nashville star is celeb sex tape free.The loves, exes and relationships of Hayden Panettiere, listed by most recent.Find out about Milo Ventimiglia's & Hayden Panettiere Dated, Both denied reports they were dating until they were spotted in a Los Angeles shopping mall holding Occupation: Actor, TV Producer. Stephen Colletti and Hayden panettiere dating wdw Panettiere separa Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ryan Kelley. News last October, when asked about dating co-stars, "Bad idea. In an April interview, Panettiere confirmed reports that she and Klitschko had resumed their romantic relationship.Hayden Panettiere Dating History Relationship info powered by: When he turned 18, he moved to Los Angeles. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sebastian Stan. Click here to Start Fame Chaining Explore how the celebrity world connects.So what pushed both of them out of the friend zone and into the super-crazy-height-challenged-romantic-relationship zone?In the April issue of UK Cosmopolitan Panettiere said, "I'm in awe of what he does and who he is — that's a very strong feeling.

"‘Man, I wish my boyfriend would do the things that Jack would do.’ And I’m like, Jack’s not real. You might be wondering how two people who are so different would ever get to know each other.Although no one is certain what dress Panettiere will wear down the aisle or whether their kid will come out as a giant fist-swinging athlete or a small, blonde thespian, one thing is for sure: the way these two got together was totally adorable.I think there’s a societal norm where you get married, you have a family, you raise a family, you pass on yourself to that family. In entertainment, sometimes being a known person, you get to pass that on to a larger group of people than just your kin, than just your immediate family.You’re able to, hopefully, give something good out to a larger group of people.”This Is Us is resonating with plenty of fans.

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