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"The blurring of personal and professional use of enterprise assets such as laptops underscores the criticality of protecting organizations from the network core to the outer edges against advanced persistent threats and evasive malware that could be introduced as a result of an infected personal device targeted as a result of a prior data breach.Data breaches provide a distribution hub for malware for years to come," he added.The information that they gather does not have to be highly confidential in order to create successful attacks.Every breach is a reminder of the importance of strong authentication measures in both personal and professional devices, networks, and web applications," said Marco Cova, Senior Security Researcher at Lastline, over email.He added that there were ‘lots of downsides for turning tabloid’ and that opting for the Berliner format felt ‘much bolder’.However, The Guardian has struggled to stem its losses, which stood at £45million last year, leading to hundreds of job losses.

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I’m not 100% clear on what the panels in the logo are meant to be; perhaps paper sheets as if they were love notes? It’s the only confusing part about this otherwise lovely wordmark featuring a delightful “ou” ligature that makes you want to sing “X and Y, sitting on a tree.

This positioning differentiates from competitors who trade off features like the most intelligent algorithm, or just pure volume of users.

What we did New logo, custom typeface, imagery, copy and iconography — an entire brand toolkit designed to reflect the big idea.

The Guardian is to scrap its much-vaunted ‘Berliner’ format in the new year and become a tabloid.

Editor-in-chief Katharine Viner confirmed she was making the switch to save money as the newspaper battles to break even by early 2019.‘We have got the same amount of journalism.

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