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These were the kids who studied a lot and got good grades.And these students end up making a ton of money because they all become lawyers, doctors, biotech researchers. Maybe for their delicious free food, but that would be the only reason.Carver is worried that Ellie’s attachment to the townsfolk will cloud her judgment as a cop, while Ellie is angry that Carver’s blunt style is only adding to the grief the Solanos are going through.Secrets revealed As the cops try to unravel the mystery, various secrets of the people of Gracepoint begin to be revealed, all of which enable writer/creator Chris Chibnall to manipulate us into suspecting almost everyone in town for Danny’s murder. and British versions of the story were created by the same guy (Chibnall), directed by the same guy (James Strong) and the same actor plays the lead detective in both versions, why does “Gracepoint” feel so flat? Gunn is OK as Miller, but her credibility as a small-town cop is inconsistent.I'm a bit older now, a bit wiser, and my bitterness towards Gracepoint has thankfully simmered down a bit. If it's not a cult, then it's pretty close to being one.I wanted to share a couple things that have been on my mind recently in a calmer demeanor than what I posted a year and a half ago. I've sat through enough sermons to realize that what they preach is actually sound.The Solano family is getting ready for the day, but young Danny doesn’t seem to be around. Passed over Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn, “Breaking Bad”) is just back to work as a cop after a leave when she learns she’s been passed over for promotion and the chief has hired Carver for the higher job.Already seething at that news, Miller is paired with Carver when the cops get a report that the body of a child has been found on the beach, just below the high cliffs of Gracepoint.

more Even if you never saw the BBC America drama “Broadchurch,” there’s no compelling reason to watch the second-rate American knockoff, retitled “Gracepoint” and premiering Thursday on Fox.

Everything looks good and healthy on the outside, but the inside seems to be rotting. They're planting churches at an alarming rate - even planting churches internationally. If you take a look at their congregation, it consists of people who you would assume weren't popular in high school.

That's the scary part - you usually don't know what you've gotten yourself into until it's too late. Kind of nerdy, geeky, quiet, awkward, don't really care for clothes, make-up, etc (I'm sorry, this statement sounds extremely judgmental and rude, but I think it's true).

Ellie is horrified when she realizes it’s Danny Solano.

As she and Carver set about trying to find out what happened to the kid, their styles inevitably clash.

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