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"I'm flattered," I replied, feeling a rush of adrenaline at the compliment. "Now suck on my balls too, my pet MILF," she ordered, stroking her hands through my hair.

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Note 1: Thanks to Hernandez for doing the photos for this story as well as the plot bunny that led to the final story. The desperate begging of an invisible recorded girl who I couldn't see, but who was obviously close to an orgasm? I was sure that all of these were valid answers, especially the last one. I knew I had come over here just to check up on a kitty, but I was soon going to be caring for my own kitty... "You should see what I can do with your entire cock," I tantalized, in hopes of getting permission to enjoy that massive cock in my mouth. "Well, that is an offer I can't refuse," she smiled. I leaned forward and finally took that beautiful hard dick between my cock sucking lips. She had decided to exercise her dominance and I couldn't be happier. "Now let's see you use only that gorgeous pair of lips you have, my pet MILF," she instructed, smiling down at me.I was naked in my living room watching a hot gang bang scene (one of the many fantasies I had not yet lived) when I realized I'd forgotten to go and feed the cat next door. This cute athletic girl of eighteen who had lived next door for eight years, my daughter Nicole's best friend, had a fucking... I rested my hand tenderly on her thigh as I resumed sucking. "Oh, God," she moaned, "I'm so close." I took her cock out briefly to beg, "Miss, please shoot your full load down my cum hungry mouth." "As you wish, Princess Buttercup," she laughed softly, as she slid her generous cock back into my warm inviting mouth.I had just started slowly teasing myself with a vibrating egg, but I decided to stop. not only was she watching it intently, but she was obviously masturbating... I sucked furiously, now deep throating her with each forward thrust, knowing that soon I would be getting my hard-earned sweet treat. But I love everything about it: the salty taste, the soothing warmth, and the slimy texture, all combining to create taste bud perfection. and she moaned, "Here it comes, princess," and she instantly began spewing her salty seed down my throat. Thompson." I obeyed, wanting that cock in my mouth, but even more wanting to obey this seductive young woman with this massive cock. " "Yes, Miss, very much," I obeyed, gazing directly into her dark, intense eyes, knowing I was showing her my very soul, knowing I had no secrets from her, realizing she was very aware of my natural submissiveness. although I was still confused by this young 18-year-old girl with her elephant cock. I went back and forth between each ball at least a dozen times, not that I was counting, so intoxicated to be on my knees, sucking these balls and stroking this cock. "That's it," she purred softly, stroke my cock, Mrs. I continued stroking the massive shaft, trying to remember to swallow as my mouth watered. You do want it in that delectable mouth of yours, don't you? "Yes, Miss," I nodded, not having been with a woman since college... "And I love sucking on your juicy balls," I replied.

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