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“I’m a woman four generations older than you,” Judge Frye began, turning heads.Colt bolted out of the sound booth so as not to miss a word. And yet there are girly girls and tomboys; fey men and macho ones.Then he proceeded to explain the difference between sex (one’s anatomy), gender identity (one’s perception of one’s male or femaleness), gender expression (how one outwardly presents oneself through clothes and body language), and sexual orientation (whom one is attracted to).It was a talk he had given at countless hospitals and medical organizations in Texas and across the country.Plastic surgeon Peter Raphael had driven in from Plano, where every year he performs more than 150 “top surgeries,” or mastectomies for trans men.An admirer of his, a Houston medical practitioner, approached him in the courtyard to discuss the intricacies of gender-reassignment surgery.reviewing studies, preparing lectures, and organizing Gender Infinity. And it was on this bit of information that Bob and Pam—a psychologist and an ob-gyn, respectively, both admired in their community—began hanging their dreams and expectations.

HERO would explicitly forbid discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations on the basis of not only race, age, religion, and disability but also sexual orientation and, notably, gender identity.t was a gray morning in late October—just ten days before the country’s fourth-largest city would vote on the landmark Houston Equal Rights Ordinance—and Hurricane Patricia, the most intense cyclone ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, was roiling through Mexico.Already, at a.m., the air in Houston was on the verge of a tantrum.But the city’s evangelicals had risen up against the ordinance and succeeded, with the help of the Texas Supreme Court, in having the matter put to a referendum.An ugly battle for public opinion had ensued, with opponents claiming that the measure would allow men to enter ladies’ restrooms by masquerading as women.

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