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This is my money that I worked hard for so can you let me know what you can do for me. Sharon, you need to check the language in your long term disability policy and see if retirement income is a deductible source of income.If the disability company is looking to offset your disability benefit by the amount of your retirement distribution and you want to tell them they can only offset one month’s benefit check and not the entire amount of the retirement distribution.Generally, if income is for services provided prior to disability, then it should not be deductible.

My paperwork reads: “It will reduce to minimum amount required by law, and referral to collections till paid.” Can they guarnish my disability?

Most group long-term disability policies contain a deductible source of income provision.

It is very rare to see an individual long-term disability policy with a social security offset.

I have a different kind of problem going on, my doctors office completed a FCE wrong, the secretary who filled it out did not put my restrictions on the form basicly saying i can return to work and my doctor signed the form and it got sent to Hartford I have been on disabilty with Hartford for 3 years also collecting SSD.

My doctor is willing to write a letter to Hartford to explain my restrictions my question is are they going to accept it since he signed the FCE with the wrong information. Judy, you doctor can certainly send a clarification letter to Hartford and it would be a good idea to have him do so.

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