Gaijin dating tokyo

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Rather than having a fun time with her, I needed the steady income and not a girlfriend.Or the sister of another of my regular students who just broke up with her foreign boyfriend, who met me simply under the pretense of language exchange but then couldn't hide how fucked up she is over her recent break-up.For me it was different in the beginning of course, I enjoyed the learning experience, the exoticness, the support I received.I was clueless about the characteristics, upbringing, values, desires and hopes of a Japanese woman.Of course she was beautiful, kind and supportive and almost like the Japanese girlfriend stereotype men all over the world dream of, but she also fulfilled many other clichees that are not so good.We got together because she cheated on her current boyfriend and she cheated on my while she was in Japan with an aquaintance of mine, whom I even introduced to her. She went through so many guys in order to find her happiness and missing piece (more about that later), I was just a number in the end.Generally, I felt that those who had lived abroad do understand you a bit better, respect your values more and don't just like you for having blue eyes for example.If they have good memories of the place they visited, they are almost desperate to associate these emotions with you, giving you a good chance of making yourself and your culture look good while enjoying time with a lovely, rather open-minded women.

I didn't even know about the cheating, I just thought it was time to move on. She then showed her true cold self and I finally put all the strange puzzle pieces of our relationship together and made sense out of it.She tried to make the best out of a difficult, extreme situation, only trying to find that "missing piece". Most of them were still trying to figure out what to do with their lives. The most common type you run into as a foreign male here is the average Gaijin hunter.It's a derogatery term, I know, but so is Gaijin (literally "outsider"), so I think we're even here. They want a white, black, Indian, South-American or whatever type for example. Or sometimes it's good enough if you just speak English and are not Japanese. Back in school, I learned that the place where supply and demand meet is called a market.Note: I was thinking about writing this kind of blog post for a long time.It's a huge topic and quite tricky to write about without sounding like a misogynist, a player or simply a bragging douchebag.

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