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Frankie Howerd - When I'm sixty-four Funny Game, Politics Get It Right Corporal - Morecambe & Wise Goodness Gracious Me - Peter Sellers, Sophia Loren Gossip Calypso - Bernard Cribbins Green Grow My Nadgers Oh!

Despite not being an Asian country it still takes up the biggest chunk of the continent and is in fact even the largest country on Earth.

- Spike Milligan You Need Feet - Bernard Bresslaw ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c:\UK Radio\BBC Comedy & Entertainment\British Comedy Songs & Sketches\Bonzo Dog Band\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonzo-1 Bonzo-1a Bonzo-1b Bonzo-1c Bonzo-1d Bonzo-1e Bonzo-9-5 Pollution Blues Bonzo-Bad Blood Bonzo-Big Shot Bonzo-Can Blue Men Sing the Whites Bonzo-Hello Mabel Bonzo-Hunting Tigers Out In Indiah Bonzo-I Don't Love You Bonzo-I'm the Urban Spaceman Bonzo-Jollity Farm Bonzo-Kamasutra With Me Bonzo-King of Scurf Bonzo-Laughing Blues Bonzo-Mr Apollo Bonzo-Mr.

- Kenneth Williams Harry H Corbett - Junk Shop Holiday Commercial - Michael Bentine Ice Cream Commercial - Michael Bentine Impressions - Morecambe & Wise Indians - Morecambe & Wise Irene Handl & Peter Sellers - Shadows On The Grass Jim Dale - Piccadilly Line Joan Sims - Men Joan Sims - Spring Song Kay Kyser - Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition Kenneth Connor - I'm Calm Kenneth Connor - The Ugly Duckling Kenneth Cope & Lance Percival - Good Day To You, Sir Kenneth Williams - Pewter Wooglers Bangling Song Kenneth Williams - Runcorn Splod Cobbler's Song Lance Percival - The Maharajah Of Brum Lolly Commercial - Michael Bentine Lovely Lunch - John Bird, John Fortune Mad Passionate Love - Bernard Bresslaw Madeira M'Dear - Flanders & Swann Michael Medwin, Bresslaw, Bass - The Army Game Michael Medwin, Bresslaw, Bass - What We Do In The Army Moscow Radio Commercial - Michael Bentine My Boomerang Won't come Back - Charlie Drake Narcissus - Joyce Grenfell, Norman Wisdom Notice To Quit - Roy Hudd Old Girls' School Reunion - Joyce Grenfell Percival & Rushton - My Dear Prime Minister Phoney Folk-Lore - Peter Ustinov Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins Sid James & Liz Frazer - Double Bunk Sid James - The Ooter Song Sitting on the Bench - Peter Cook Song of the Australian Outlaw - Kenneth Williams Stanley Unwin - Classicold Musee Stop Press - Kenneth Copeland, David Frost Take A Pew - Alan Bennett Terry Scott - My Brother The Ballad of the Woggler's Moulie - Kenneth Williams The Gnu Song - Flanders & Swann The Hippopotamus Song - Flanders & Swann The Hole in the Ground - Bernard Cribbins The Horse Show - Michael Bentine The Q5 Piano Tune - Spike Milligan The Royal Box - Peter Cook, Dudley Moore The Society Wedding Stakes - Roy Hudd thisfolder Ton Up Boy - Morecambe & Wise Wilfred Brambell - Secondhand Windsor Davies & Don Estelle - Whispering Grass Windsor Davies - Mandalay Windsor, Fowler, Lynch - I'm Not That Sort Of A Girl Windsor, Fowler, Lynch - It Had Better Be A Wonderful You Gotta Go Oww!

All Western tourists who go there will be caught up in some sort of scam or civil war or be imprisoned on trumped-up charges (usually drug trafficking).

Hi everyone and welcome to the Old Time Radio UK Section of the website. Billy Connolly_03_The Short-haired Police Cadet Billy Connolly_04_Marie's Wedding Billy Connolly_05_Glasgow Accents - Nine And A Half Guitars Billy Connolly_06_Nobody's Child Billy Connolly_07_Leo Mcguire's Song Constable Savage Jim Davidson_01_Intro Jim Davidson_02_Lionel Blair Jim Davidson_03_Intro Music Jim Davidson_04_Welcome To The Show Jim Davidson_05_Foreigners Jim Davidson_06_The Devil Went Down To Brixton Jim Davidson_07_My Old Dad Jim Davidson_08_Too Risky Jim Davidson_09_Wand'rin' Star Jim Davidson_10_Coppers - 'Nick Nick' Jim Davidson_11_Outro Jim Davidson_12_White Christmas Joyce Grenfell_01_Storytime Joyce Grenfell_02_Flowers Joyce Grenfell_03_Free Activity Period Joyce Grenfell_04_Nativity Play Joyce Grenfell_05_Sing Song Time Joyce Grenfell_06_Going Home Time Mrs Merton Show_01_George Best Mrs Merton Show_02_Babara Windsor Mrs Merton Show_03_Chris Eubank Mrs Merton Show_04_Lord Lichfield Mrs Merton Show_05_Michael Parkinson Mrs Merton Show_06_Kriss Akabusi Mrs Merton Show_07_Debbie Mc Gee Mrs Merton Show_08_Terry Major Ball Mrs Merton Show_09_Russell Grant Mrs Merton Show_10_Countess Bievenida Sokolow thisfolder Tom O'Conner Tommy Cooper_01_Introduction Tommy Cooper_02_Ladies and Gentlemen.... Various Artistes_01_Footie Fans and Feminists - Jo Brand Various Artistes_02_English Pubs - Greg Proops Various Artistes_03_Stand Up - Steven Wright Various Artistes_04_Tv-Children - Matt Welcome Various Artistes_05_Flat Hunting - Girls on Top Various Artistes_06_Aversion Therapy - Pete & Dud Various Artistes_07_Olympic Team - Spike Milligan Various Artistes_08_Blood Donor - Tony Hancock Various Artistes_09_The Jobbie Weecha - Billy Connolly Various Artistes_10_Cocktail Party - Wicked Willy Various Artistes_11_In The Presence of - Julian Clary ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c:\UK Radio\BBC Comedy & Entertainment\Best Of Jimmy Cricket\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jimmy Cricket_01_Side 1 Jimmy Cricket_02_Side 2 thisfolder ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c:\UK Radio\BBC Comedy & Entertainment\Betty Witherspoon Show\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thisfolder ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c:\UK Radio\BBC Comedy & Entertainment\Betty Witherspoon Show\Original recordings\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00.

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