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While you kids may use good practices and follow your rules, they can still get hurt – very hurt.

So it is very important that you know as much as you can and what can happen when curiosity turns into danger.

Are you wondering You have prevented them from bypassing texts and have controls that prevent them from snapping pictures of themselves and sharing that on the internet? If that sounds like you, or someone close to you and your kids, read on!

First let us preface the following, and state for the record – most kids are great kids and most listen to mom and dad.

Be sure to take a free trial of our parental control service and tools to see how we enhance built in i OS and Android parental controls.

You trust your kids, but you also know that with kids you need to take the proper precautions at home and away, to make sure that they stay safe and do not venture into the seedy world of internet porn and other dangerous or inappropriate social media.

They test our boundaries but when push comes to shove, they are a true blessing.Now, within seconds, kids can get access to anything before you even knew what happened.Which brings us back to topic at hand – how do stay ahead of them, at least long enough to get through important years until they go away and learn all those great things in college!Do you worry that the safe browser you installed is actually being used to surf the Internet (it’s not!) Are you confident that your teen will never go into chat rooms, attempt to surf pornography, or engage in very inappropriate social media apps that shield them from parents?

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