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We both knew what our impending union was all about: he would supply the physical solution to satiate my desire. “You sure know how to make a woman feel desirable.” “But you are desirable. Oh, Tony, it’s a lovely house, really enormous and the garden is beautiful with a pool and manicured lawn.It’s not just words or flattery, you are a very attractive woman and your husband is an extremely lucky man.” Oh dear, why did he mention husband? It’s only a small party, about nine of us I think, mostly Gaynor’s and Charlie”s work friends.” I watched Justin laugh as Mr Next Door obviously supplied the punch line to a story.Mrs Next Door grinned and her head was slightly bowed and tilted, perhaps peeking at the relaxed black baton in front of her. I’ve never been with another man since the day we married.

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I crossed my left thigh over my right leg and jiggled my left foot. Evan wore boxer shorts although everyone else remained gloriously naked. ” he asked, the ice in his tumbler of gin and tonic rattling as he settled down beside me.I’ll be back in a few moments,” I said and headed for the patio doors, sensing that Justin was watching my wiggling rear end. Or what if he had anal sex with someone, an activity I didn’t fancy at all? Could I merely accept it because he’d fulfilled a fantasy? If I let him satisfy a craving would it prove my love was strong? As I pressed the tissue between my legs, I thought: My pussy has got a lot to answer for, hankering after giant cock and not being content with Tony’s fatter-than-average seven-incher. “Yes, but I’ll tell you more about that when I get home tomorrow. Anyway, Geoff’s the area manager of a big insurance company, covers most of England really, and he’s looking around for lease cars for his main reps.The bathroom was cool and I sat wondering and debating whether I was doing the right thing. What if he had a fantasy about fucking a black woman or a woman of any other race? If it made him happy, gave him pleasure, should that be good enough for me, too? Many women would love to have him penetrating their channel. I flushed the toilet and swilled my hands under warm water, looking at my reflection in the mirror above the washbasin. I applied lipstick and, buffing up my hair with both hands, said, “It’s up to you, Jen. Apparently, he’s not happy with the deal he’s got at present.Okay, it’s a common phrase, a cliche even, and one my husband often uses when I go out with my girlfriends. My gaze was still on Justin as I switched off my phone and stood upright, pushing away from the balcony wall.Justin turned, looked up at the house and raised his left arm to wave. Oh my, it was magnificent, almost down to his knees.

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