Formula cells not updating

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After I change the values, the cells with formulas corresponding to cells that have been changed are not updating.

When I go into excel and click on the cell with the formula, and then click in the function bar, the formula updates.

The only way I can get it to change is to click within the cell and then click the "tick", this then will change the result.

It will not even calculate a simple addition formula if used before.

Unfortunately, if you set it to manual and forget about it, your formulas will not recalculate.

Select the cell that is not recalculating and, on the Home ribbon, check the number format. When a cell is formatted as Text, Excel makes no attempt to interpret the contents as a formula.

Now it appears to not want to update any of the formulas contained within a cell.

I think I've noticed this happening for me when I threw in a value once that was "$xyz" as opposed to "xyz" (I mean xyz to be some integer, of course). I suggest you copy your formula into Notepad, then type any number into the cell.If anyone has any ideas what might of gone wrong with the spreadsheet, I'd be most great full. I am using apache POI to change cells in an excel sheet.For information it is an attendance sheet with the 4 crews (24hr operation) over 3 areas.It includes the roster and rest days, leave etc are included. As mentioned this has worked fine upto a couple of weeks ago.

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